Chagas disease

Chagas disease with heart involvement

Year Started: 2022

serum, plasma and GEB samples

Access restricted at present
Disease specific
In progress
Consent restrictions:
Commercial restriction

Associated Data Type Procurement Timeframe
Biomarker datasets > 6 months
Clinical records Immediate
Followup records Immediate
Freezer temperature logs Immediate
Imaging data Immediate
Pre-analytical data Immediate
Physiological/biochemical measurements > 6 months
Primary care records Immediate
Quality indicators Immediate
Participant Ethnicity Immediate

Both sexes

Young adult (18 - 40 years)

101 - 500 donors

Material Type Extraction Procedure Storage Temperature Preservation Type Microscopic Assessment % of Sample Set
Serum -35°C to -18°C Not applicable 11 - 25%
Plasma (single spun) -35°C to -18°C Not applicable 0 - 10%
Blood (whole) -35°C to -18°C Not applicable 0 - 10%